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P.O Box 30725, Kampala,Plot 33, Murtara Courts, Lumumba Avenue,

Child support Africa (CSA) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Lwengo-Masaka district in the central region of Uganda.The principal objective and major thrust of CSA is to come out and bridge the gap of luck of young well trained manpower within Luwengo-Masaka rural setting. This remarkable absence of young, well trained in recent years was caused by the HIV/AIDS pandemic that swept away literacy and entire generation of citizens. These left behind many orphans who have not had a chance to attain a good education later alone professional training due to lack of school fees.Dr. Vincent Nsereko, the Executive Director of CSA, hails from Lwengo-Masaka district and has witnessed the HIV/AIDS pandemic racking havoc on the local citizenry within Lwengo-Masaka district. He himself is a ben ...

Contact PersonDr.Vincent Nsereko ( Executive Director)
Telephone0776 433 775/ 0704 519 443

P.O. Box 35542, Kampala,Balintuma Road Nakulabye,

Community Development Resource Network (CDRN) is a Ugandan, independent development organization founded to support community development work through participatory techniques and to assist organizations involved in such work to be more effective in delivering their mandate. VisionA well governed and just society where all women, men and children live in dignity and harmonyMissionTo contribute to the growth of a vibrant and self determined civil society that defends the rights of the poor and promotes peace, justice, democracy and social equityCDRN Strategic Directions CDRN recognizes the importance of influencing policies and decisions in the environment within which Civil Society Organizations operate, and is strongly committed to making an effective contribution to righting social injus ...

Contact PersonMartin Mwondha (Chief Executive)
Telephone0392 746 117 / 0772 331 439

P.O. Box 33081, Kampala,Plot 65, Semawata Road, Ntinda,

Community Shelters Uganda (CSU) is a Ugandan non-political, non - governmental and non - profit making organization seeking to reach out to the dire homeless needy families. We target HIV/AIDS affected people and infected pregnant mothers and children, elderly persons with children under their care, persons with disability, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), refugees, war, floods and mudslides affected families. CSU provides them with free simple decent houses, Ventilated Improved Pit-Latrines (VIPs), protection of spring wells and provision of water tanks for harvesting clean water. Our major aim is to contribute sustainably to the standards of living of the underprivileged communities in Uganda by providing free decent simple permanent shelters, ventilated improved pit latrines (VIPs), ...

Contact PersonKiisa Barnabas (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 617

P.O Box 46, Kisubi,Plot 125 Kisubi, Entebbe,

CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre has grown out of work initiated in by a Canadian Orthopaedic Surgeon who came to Uganda and travelled to various hospitals to undertake reconstructive surgery. In 1999, CORU

Contact PersonIrene Nabalamba (Public Relations and Program Development Officer)
Telephone0794 900 104 / 0794 900 111

P.O Box 795, Lira,Off Lira-Soroti High Way, AngwetAngwet; Lira Municipality,

Our Vision is to see a peaceful United and healthy world offering the marginalized children and youth an opportunity to have a say and be involved in the socio-economic development decisions affecting them MissionA child and youth focused organization working towards: peace, unity, social and economic empowerment through Advocacy, psychosocial support, sensitization, community outreaches, networking, educational support, environmental protection and conservation Shared value Every Child and Youth is my Brother / Sister Activities a) Psychosocial Support Multiplier TOT module, development and implementation of community action plans on psychosocial support, follow up of formerly abducted children in the community, provision of counseling services, community based reception and rehabilita ...

Contact PersonCan Caxson Ray (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0712 945 073 /0783 416 768
Date Founded

Karamaga South Division,

Ochaki George started the organisation in 2000 with an aim of reducing poverty among unemployed women and men within Karamaga village, south division of Fort Portal MunicipalityWe first engaged in offering financial services (credit and savings) and poultry keeping and animal rearing like hens, pigs and goats.The organisation has saved enough money to keep the group moving on but due to failure to pay by some members, the group

Contact PersonOchaki George
Telephone0712 034 293
Date Founded

P.O Box 389, Masindi,Plot 47 B, Masindi Port Road, Central Division, Masindi Municipality,

It was formed by a group of community based organisation with aims of bringing together all COS including NGOs, CBOs and Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) together. We strive to ensure joint advocacy, lobbing, monitoring and supplement on government effort in ensuring effective services delivery like education, roads and hospitals.We are a young promising organisation that has a lot of issues to lobby and advocate e.g. child abuse, domestic gender based violence, and civic right education though we need a lot of support from key stakeholders.We carried out research on civic rights, political governance issues or effective advocacy, promotion of civic rights education within the community through advocating (bridging the gap between the public office bearers and community) to kick start our ...

Contact PersonMoris Ngabitho (Managing Director)
Telephone0465 420 672/ 0772 685 156
Date Founded

Kiranga Ivukula Sub-County,

Kiranga Community members wanted to uplift their standard of living and started the journey to achieve this by taking on brick laying activities, and growing of groundnuts and Maize. Currently, members are engaged in local chicken and turkey keeping.Since our inception, the standards of living for members have transformed. There is also a wide market for our produce.However, the group is affected by limited funding and partnerships thus affecting construction of modern poultry shed for the birds.We appreciate the support from Namutumba District NGO forum. We call upon any partners out there who can help us with capacity building trainings especially in handling our produce.

Contact PersonNangobi Mariam
Telephone0782 499 860
Date Founded

P.O Box 542,Masindi,Nyangahya Cell, Masindi Municipality,

We started this organisation as a group of five after testing HIV positive. We came together and formed an organization called Philly Lutaaya Initiative in 1998. We were sensitizing the community through home visits and encouraging the bed ridden and leading them to health centres and hospitals for treatment. By 2002, there were a number of children who had lost their dear ones (both parents) to the scourge. After identifying this, we came up with an idea of starting an orphage since we were not sure of our lives and where to leave these children. In 2003, we started Family Spirit Children Centre for caring and supporting children directly infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, war and home violances, who were very many and discriminated from families, schools and in the community. The centr ...

Contact PersonIsaac Nyakoojo (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 345 756 / 0774 476 953

P.O Box 1468, Gulu,Dr. Corti Lucille Road Opposite Kony Paco, Gulu Municipality,

Flama Uganda is a CBO established by a team of dedicated volunteer medical and social development practitioners. The organization and its affiliate medical centre are aimed at providing appropriate, affordable, integrated reproductive health & general clinical medical services to all categories of people, with special emphasis on vulnerable groups like women, the elderly, children and adolescents, as well as other social cases with special needs. The organisation

Contact PersonOkello Flavia Teddy (Program Director)
Telephone0782 451 889 / 0712 451 889 / 0752 451 889 /0774 205 506

P.O Box 967, Lira,Soroti Road, Opposite FAPAD Offices, 1st Floor on Nyeko-Balikare Business Premise,Lira, ,

The organization started after the 23- year- post war conflict in Northern Uganda that left hundreds of thousands of innocent people massacred, thousands of people displaced in refugee camps, properties looted, destroyed and vandalized, innocent lives and houses set ablaze by the rebels. Many youth and children were abducted, raped and defiled resulting in to HIV/AIDS infection and other diseases, dropped out of school, others left parent-less, homeless and not accessing basic education, to mention but a few.In a bid to address the outlined catastrophes, FONU was founded to alleviate the sufferings of these innocent people and restore hope in their lives. It started with distribution of food and non-food items, supporting school-going children through scholastic materials and tuition fees ...

Contact PersonOwani Ken Allan (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 346 922 / 0753 346 922
Date Founded

P.O. Box 1378 Mbarara,Kasese, Fort Portal Road, opposite Lake View, ,

The Foundation for Aids Orphaned Children (FAOC) is a registered NGO founded in 1994 by Ugandans. It was formed to address the problems that HIV/AIDS orphaned children face in society, by promoting and supporting income generating activities that help in strengthening their economic self sustainability and keeping them as integral members of society.FAOC operates in eight parishes (Kikokwa, Kigyendwa, Nyamuyanja, Kasaana, Kishuro, Kahenda and Kitooha) in Birere Sub County of Isingiro District. FAOC has also extended its services to Masha and Kaberebere Town Council and has supported over 400 households. FAOC implements a goat and pig project supported by the McKnight Foundation.FAOC aims to promoting the lives and situation of aids orphaned children, vulnerable children and youth by helpin ...

Contact PersonBuyinza Boaz (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 922 323

luzira, ,

Foundation for Community Development is a non profit, non political organisation. FOCOD was founded in 2012 by three young energetic and dynamic men and two retired female teachers who had carried out a study of Ugandan societies and realised that there was a need to intervene and reverse some bad society traits. it is in this context that they agreed to form this organisation to champion this cause in order to have a better society for everyone to live.

Contact PersonMarungi Justus

P.O. Box 11027, Kampala,Human Rights House, Plot 1853, Lulume Road, Nsambya,

Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) is an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and not-for profit human rights organization. Established in 1991, FHRI is legally registered as a non-governmental human rights organization under the Non-governmental Organization Registration Statute 1989 and, is duly incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap. 110 as a body corporate. The organization seeks to enhance the knowledge, respect and observance of human rights, promote exchange of information and best practices. The organization has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, is a member of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty and is affiliated to the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH).FHRI is implementing the sixth strategic plan ...

Contact PersonLivingstone Sewanyana (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 510 263 / 510 276/ 256 752 / 791 963

Kalbum House Harukoto , , P.O Box 389, Fort Portal

After receiving our first certificate in 1991, the concerned Ugandans living in the old Kabarole District were motivated by the zeal to improve the welfare of majority rural peasants from the Ruwenzori region. They worked towards creating an environment for men and women to undertake income generating activities.In this regard, the first activities involved supporting preventive health activities to guarantee healthy living, advocating for an environment for men and women to undertake income generating activities as well as supporting activities in areas of sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry.Moving forward, we are working for better ? soil fertility? Soil and water conservation ? Crop and animal husbandry? Nutrition and early childhood development? Adolescent repro ...

Contact PersonMugisa R.C. Ronald (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 603 669
Date Founded

P.O Box 170, Kisoro,Nyakabande sub- county, Kisoro district,

Forty concerned community members of Gisorora parish united to form this organisation. By forming the organisation, we hoped to have permanent, affordable houses and have water tanks in households.We started with construction of 32 stone made tanks for members, construction of 200 tanks for the communities and environmental conservation. As we started operation, there changes that included having a constitution, management structure, building our own permanent office on our land and acquiring a land title. We are currently undertaking construction of stone masonry tanks. We have indeed achieved in serving the people of Kisoro with water tanks using donor funds and Kisoro district local government funds. However, we still lack of well-trained human resources to effectively get engaged in ...

Contact PersonNshaka Erastus ( Chairman)
Telephone0772 416 769
Date Founded

P.O BOX 257, LUWERO, , , +256

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Contact PersonSekiranda Richard

Kajjere Parish, Kiboga, , P,O Box 80, Kiboga

It was started by 15 members that wanted to cordially advocate for better service delivery from government. In addition, they desired to share experiences and find solutions to problems affecting individual group members and also initiate income generating activities. In order for us to realise these goals, the group started with chicken rearing, extending Counselling to PHAs and offering training activities in crop farming. Today, we engage in crop farming for crops like cassava, maize, and beans, we train people in income generating activities such as group saving schemes and we also provide psycho-social support/ counselling to people both infected and affected with HIV/AIDS through home visits.From the time of inception, we have established community based small scale credit facility ...

Contact PersonBarugahare Jackson
Telephone0756 034 856
Date Founded

P.O Box 364, Gulu,Plot 5, John Labeja Road, Layibi Centre, Pece Division,

Gulu District Farmers Association (GDFA) was formed in l992 with the objective of mobilizing the farming community to have one voice under one independent umbrella organization. GDFA is also a registered member of the Uganda National Farmers Federation, the umbrella body for all farmer organizations in Uganda. The association operates in the whole of Gulu district. Currently, the total membership stands at 8,200 members.GDFA is dedicated to eradicating poverty in the smallholder

Contact PersonDennis Adonga Laloyo (Coordinator)
Telephone0789 555 500 / 0772 826 735

P.O Box 1 , Pader;Patongo Town Council , Agago District,

The organisation originated from a group of 10 Persons Having AIDS (PHA) some of them going through long illness. They decided to come out and declare their HIV/AIDS status. By that time there were many people registering suspected people with HIV/ AIDS for their personal gain.Why we formed the group

Contact PersonOkech John Latworo
Telephone0777 647 192 /0713 647 192 / 0774 139 629 /0713 139 629