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Kisaasi Kyanja road, Busia close, , , 2387

Technology Aid International (TAI) - Uganda, believes in Technology Enhanced Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation for local people.Goal: To stimulate communities to realize their potential, to work towards poverty alleviation, and sustainable development utilizing appropriate technologies.Overall Objective: To research (Study and Test), market, and propagate appropriate technologies that sustainably improve lives, production, and environmental protection.Main objectives are:Legislation: To advocate for legislation that favors adoption of technologies that sustainably improve lives, production and environmental protection. Such legislation would effect efficient use of renewable energy (smart houses), good water governance practices, refuse recycling, pollution control, hazardous chem ...

Contact PersonMugabi Ivan Mulindwaa

P.O Box 99, Lira,Radio Wa, 89.8 FM, Lira,

TMG is a media and public relations agency established by a collaboration of youths working in the media and youths involved in the performing arts industry (theater artists, local musicians and sound/audio producers) to provide a platform where young people can easily access friendly communications, inspirational teachings and guidance to become morally upright, resourceful and contributing members of the society. We implement our programmes through a variety of media and the performing arts production and work with a network of media and young people focused agencies both of indigenous and international origin. The group is also a member of Young People - Self Coordinating Entity (YP-SCE) and The Unity Project Uganda chapter. Teens Media Group is a smoke, alcohol and violence free team.T ...

Contact PersonGira Emmanuel (Communications Director)
Telephone0772 999 535 /0714 132 795
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P.o Box 23657, Kampala,Musallima Close Kasubi-Kawaala, Off. Hoima Road, Kampala,

Teens Uganda is a youth led organization focused on promoting healthy lives in communities, youth (socio-economic) empowerment, and addressing environmental issues. TEENS recognizes the contribution of real offline solutions to the risks (challenges/vulnerabilities) of youth/children and women, currently the most marginalized groups by engaging them in decision making processes and orienting actions campaigns.Teens Uganda also facilitates the Young People

Contact PersonHamba Richard ( Director/Programme Representative)
Telephone0712 675 138 / 0702 675 138

P.O. Box 1085, Gulu,Odong Onyango Road, Kanyagoga, ,

Originally founded in Japan to work on the issue of landmines, small arms and child soldiers in South East Asia, Terra Renaissance is now working to promote the re-integration of former LRA child soldiers and poverty reduction in Gulu municipality. It is a member of Gulu District NGO Forum and, since it is registration with NGO Board in April, 2006, has operated operated a vocational training centre at Kanyaoga

Contact PersonOtema Jimmy Fred (Head of Office)
Telephone0712 048 128

P. O Box 121,Busia,Tila Rd. Opp. Elim Church after Former Miriam Primary School, Busia,

The Africa Inland Church-Uganda was registered with the National NGO Board in September 1993.The aim and objectives for which the Africa Inland Church-Uganda was established are;a) To answer the call of God, thus to go and make disciples for Christ according to the scriptures, Mathew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-16.b) To initiate education and schools from nursery to high level.c) To initiate health centers in the community.The Current Activities1. Provision of wheel chairs to lame people2. Provision of scholastic materials to the disadvantaged children in Busia District3. Training of Counseling and Guidance at a diploma level.4. Provision of goats to widows and orphans.5. Provision of tree seedlings of

Contact PersonRev. Wilson Waswa (Chairman)
Telephone0712 411 075

P. O. Box. 24640, Kampala,Plot 1 Kira Road,

The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) is a Pan-African organization with country chapters in 24 African countries and a regional office based in Nairobi Kenya. It is a pan African network that promotes child rights and child protection in Africa founded in 1986 in Enugu Nigeria, at the first Child Labour Conference. The Ugandan Chapter was launched in 1992 and registered as a national membership, child protection NGO to address the problem of child abuse and neglect, and promote the protection and promotion of the rights of children in Uganda.In pursuit of her vision of a Ugandan society that upholds the rights of children and is free of child abuse and neglect, it has over the last 18 years become one of the leading child rights a ...

Contact PersonDeogratias Yiga (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 254 550 / 0392 754 550/2

P. O Box 64, Apac,Plot 11,Republic road , Apac,

TAACC was started by a group of volunteers headed by Hon. David Ebong Abong, to curb down mismanagement of public funds, abuse of office and denial of service delivery to the community. The community members could not access drugs in hospital and health units and there was need for fair justice in courts of law and before the police. The community required governance, transparency, accountability and effective service delivery.Our initial activity was to organize the Anti-corruption week. We started recruitment of community Independent Budget Monitors (IBM) in ten sub counties and built their capacity to do the work effectively.We started as a small organization called Anti-Corruption Coalition of Apac (ACCA) in 22 sub counties and to date we are covering Lango sub region of 8 districts in ...

Contact PersonOpwonya Tom (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 647 107

P.O Box 239,Arua,Weatherhead Park Road, Anyafio, Arua Municipality,

CEGED was started by four professional experts who had worked with international NGOs in Westnile region. Initially most NGOs that worked in the region in the pre and post conflict times employed staff that were not originally born in the region. Having phased out the programmes, most of them left and there was a large capacity gap left. Many good initiatives, best practices and lessons learnt were not replicated or sustained by the local CSOs. CEGED was formed to provide local capacity as a center of excellence in non- profit programming.MissionTo contribute to equitable sustainable development in Westnile region through promoting effective service deliveryVisionTo promote good governance as a catalyst for social economic development in WestnileOur initial activities included;

Contact PersonKatungye Vincent (Team Leader)
Telephone0392 300 434

P.O Box 299, Iganga,Bugadde Trading Centre, Kityerera Sub-county, Mayuge district,

The community members started the organisation to carry out mass senstisat6ion and training programmes at all levels in poverty alleviation activities and trends. They hoped to relate these to the environment and natural resource based problems. We have enhanced public health, education, child nutrition, family planning, HIV/AIDS awareness and cooperative development through education and information programmes with appropriate service delivery. We have also managed to build the capacity of some of our staff in Monitoring and Evaluation. Current programmes

Contact PersonKazungu Vicent ( Programme Officer)
Telephone0782 418 600
Date Founded

P.O. Box 9063, Kampala,Plot 4384,Block 244,Kiwafu-rd, Kansanga,

The Council for Economic Empowerment for Women of Africa-Uganda Chapter (CEEWA-Uganda) is a registered Non-Governmental, Non-Partisan and not-for-profit organization working to promote the economic empowerment of women in Uganda. CEEWA-Uganda was started in 1995; and traces its origin to the preparatory meetings for the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China.Vision A Uganda in which women

Contact PersonMary Nannono (The Coordinator)
Telephone0414 269 507 / 0414 269 477 / 0312 287 133

P.O Box 972, Gulu,Plot 3-11 Olam Sisto Road Layibi Orubu, ,

TEAMS was formed ten years ago to empower the vision of the local churches in Gulu. It was in the period of sever suffering as a result of the civil war which lasted over 20 years. Dr. Liam Chapman from UK initiated the programme after physically experiencing the war in Gulu for some good period of time. He then worked with the local Christian churches in collaboration with donors and international organisations from UK so that the needs of the local people could be addressed.The donations TEAMS gets from UK are used to empower the following sectors:

Contact PersonDr. Liam Chapman (Director)/ Gabriel Lajul
Telephone+447 940 567 931 / 0757 511 059 / 0772 646 256

Po Box 1255, , , 00256

The Eastern Home Foundation Uganda is located in Eastern Uganda near the western boarder of kenya in East Africa. The philosophy and experience of The Eastern Home Foundation Uganda is based on the reality, that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another. Our work areas are livelihood, promotion HIV/AIDS Prevention, combat trafficking , reproductive health care, youth, women and children development, and promoting the rights of religious minorities through education and training. Mission: We work and help the deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children, youth and women and to provide them with livelihood opportunities ...

Contact PersonIsaac Byenkya
Telephone+256 782650325
Fax+256 454435940

P.O Box 12, Pakwach,30 Mtrs, Ojigo Catholic Mission Road T I Centre,

The organization was started by nine concerned members of a fishing community of Wadelai Sub County as a remedy to;

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonCwinyaai Alex (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 176 175

P.O Box 1611 Wandegeya,Metal Health Uganda Office ,

The National Association of the Deafblind in Uganda (NADBU) was formed by the deafblind persons themselves. The association only deals with the deafblind adults. Deafblindness is a unique category whereby a person has a combination of severe degrees of hearing and sight loss.NADBU started with 40 deafblind members and has increased to 500 deafblind registered in 8 districts. NADBU has 3 staff at the moment with 5 volunteers who are deafblind.NADBU

Contact PersonLussagi Anthony (National Co-ordinator)
Telephone0312 276 646 / 0772 856 605 / 0787 545 819

P.O Box 188 ,Iganga,Plot 3, Bikadho Road, Kasokoso North, Iganga Central Division, Iganga Municipality Council,

The idea of starting TOEDICCA was initiated by Madam Kawala Zainabu; the current executive director after doing study on the welfare of disabled people in five sub counties of Iganga and found out that persons with disabilities were the poorest of the poor especially the disabled women. The study indicated that their rights are violated, affected by HIV/AIDS, suffer from hunger, dependant all the time, isolated and discriminated by the community members. It is on that ground that she mobilized to start up an organization that would improve the quality of lives for disabled people in Busoga sub region. VisionImproved standard of living and quality of life for persons with disabilities in Busoga sub region.MissionTo ensure that persons with disabilities in Busoga Sub-region are able to initi ...

Contact PersonKawala Zainabu( Director)
Telephone0772 498 906

P.O. Box 3138, Kampala,Plot 101, Kira Road, Kamwokya,

The Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) is a regional Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)founded in 1996 soon after the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Singapore Ministerial Conference, upon realizing that Africa in particular and Third World countries in general were marginalized in the WTO negotiations and other global processes.SEATINI has its head offices in Harare-Zimbabwe, regional offices in Kampala-Uganda, Nairobi-Kenya and is represented in Johannesburg-South Africa and Geneva-Switzerland.SEATINI objectivesSEATINI seeks to;

Contact PersonJane Nalunga (Country Director)
Telephone0414 540 856

P.O.Box 24244, , , 256

The Uganda Down syndrome Association (TUDSA) is a duly registered local charitable, NGO Certificate No S. 5014/6639. We are a Non – political, non–denominational, voluntary, Non – Governmental parent led organisation. We help and support children born with Down Syndrome, and their families, in the four areas of Health, Education, Social Welfare and Income generation in Uganda. Our main objective is to advocate for the rights of specifically people with Down syndrome in Uganda.

Physical AddressMbuya Zone 5, Ismail road Nakawa Division
Telephone+ 256 414 220 213/ + 256 752 417 859

P.O Box 26990,Block 29, Plot 1521 Mawanda Road,,

The Uganda Land Alliance (ULA) is a membership consortium of national, regional and international civil society organizations and individuals, lobbying and advocating for fair land laws and policies that address the land rights of the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and individuals in Uganda.VisionUgandan society where there is equitable access and control over land, and where the poor women, men and children are actively participating to eradicate poverty.MissionTo enhance access, control, and ownership of land by the poor and marginalized women, men, and children through the promotion of fair laws and policies aimed at protecting their land rights.Objectives

Contact PersonEsther Obaikol (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 540 048