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P.O Box 16729,Kampala,ACFODE House Plot 623/624 Bukoto,

Action for Development (ACFODE) is an indigenous, voluntary, non-governmental women

Contact PersonRegina Bafaki (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 531 812

P.O Box 277, Masindi,Plot 22, Ssebagala Road, Masindi Municipality,

The organization was stated by community Kiryandongo District members who wanted to improve on service delivery in the region as well as improve on their welfare.They hoped to lobby and establish viable small scale community projects to increase on their incomes, the quality of their lives, and fight the root causes of poverty. They hoped to achieve this through advocating for good governance and observation human rights, increase literacy level, fight climatic change with its negative impact on the community, improve on sanitation and reduce on the challenges of health in the communities. In the end it would promote long lasting peace and they would attain a lasting socio-economic development. We do not only carry out advocacy for proper service delivery but also strive to empower the vul ...

Contact PersonOgenyi K Morris (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 232 564

P.O Box 5018, Kampala,Bukoto-Ntinda Road (off Froebel Stage), Kampala, ,

Action for Youth with Disabilities Uganda (AYDU) is a registered nongovernmental, non-profit organization founded by and for youth with disabilities in Uganda. It is a national umbrella for young people with all forms of disabilities aimed at creating a unified voice for them and ensuring their full integration not only within the mainstream disability movement, but also in national inclusive programmes. AYDU envisions youth with disabilities living dignified and productive lives. Its mission is to empower youth with disabilities to advocate for their rights and engage meaningfully in social, economic, political and other activities. AYDU

Contact PersonOlweny Aggrey (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 495 / 0712 041 963

P.O Box 24667, Kampala,Plot No.13 Factory Road and 40 Hancock Road,

Action Group for Health Human Rights and HIV/AIDS Uganda (AGHA-U) is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in July 2003 to mobilize health professionals and health consumers to address issues of human rights as they relate to health, with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS. AGHA brings together doctors, nurses and other professionals with NGOs interested in promoting human rights in the health sector to create local and national networks dedicated to health advocacy.Achievements

Contact PersonOdwe Dennis (Programme Officer)
Telephone0414 348 491

P.O Box 981, Lira,Plot 12, Otim Tom Road, Junior Quarters, Adyel Division, Lira,

AYINET is a network of African youth movements, organizations, activists and individuals who are committed to cause changes in the current unequal opportunities in political, social and economic participation in African countries.AYINET was founded out of the three year

Contact PersonVictor Ochen (Director)
Telephone0772 539 879 / 0473 660 170
Date Founded

P.O.Box 250, Mpigi,Mpigi Town Council next to the District Administration Building,

Agaliawamu Youth Development Trust was started by a group of youth who had just completed their tertiary institutional training from different institutions in Uganda.It aims at fostering the political social and economic wellbeing of the community it serves more especially the youths and children.This is through economic empowerment, by carrying out vocational training, championing gender equality, HIV/AIDS sensitization, counseling and psychosocial support to the infected and affected people and others.Between 2005 -2008, the organization implemented a project called

Contact PersonMayanja Jimmy(Coordinator)
Telephone0782 733 013/ 0772 535 910 /0772 418 112

Kamdini Corner, Lira Municipality, , P.O Box 569

In a region raided by war, cattle rustling and HIV/AIDS, a group of people formed Agam Development Foundation to help the community deal with the daily plight they were facing. These challenges lead us to our first activities to support orphans education, support people living with HIV/AIDS, correction of poor vision in 10 primary schools, conducting blood tests for diabetes and monitoring heart condition patients as well as blood pressure.Since the time of the organisation

Contact PersonOngom Rufino
Telephone0755 847 167
Date Founded

P.O Box 5342, Jinja,21 A Lubas Road, Jinja,

Agapewo Ministry Uganda is a community based charity ministry founded by a group of concerned citizens. They had a strong desire to empower communities, strengthen capacities of member organizations/ministries in support to their development investments, provision of entrepreneurship skills, promotion of literacy programmes in improving health care diseases and poverty and to advocate for gender equality.In 2006, a program aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS was developed by the members of the ministry to add on the initiatives of the government and other organizations/ministries in the fight against the killer disease. Agapewo Ministry Uganda has put its efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS using a behavioural change methodology amidst merger resources and a lot of success has been achieved.We in ...

Contact PersonMusobya Moses
Telephone0752 105 307

P.O Box 153, Koboko,Koboko Town Council, Plot 5 Apa Road,

Seven community members were concerned about the poor service delivery in the district. We used to receive several complaints from citizens in health, education and water corruption, poor mothers were charged for accessing immunisation services, misuse of Universal Primary Education and shoddy work in building classrooms. We aimed at improving service delivery by mobilising the public to get involved in the local government planning proceeedures and to monitor projects and funds that benefit themOur initial activities included;

Contact PersonTodoko Stephen(Coordinator)
Telephone0782 449 010/ 0779 203 098
Date Founded

P.O Box 153, Koboko,Koboko Town Council,

Seven community members were concerned about the poor service delivery in the district. We used to receive several complaints from service beneficiaries in health, education, and water about the rampant corruption, poor mothers were charged for accessing immunisation services, misuse of UPE and shoddy work in building classrooms. We aimed at improving service delivery by mobilising the public to get involved in the local government planning procedures and to monitor projects and funds that benefited them.We started by creating awareness of the community on their rights, responsibilities and effects of corruption. We then recruited and trained community monitors to inform the community about projects and funds meant for the community sensitisation of the community on how to defect corrupti ...

Contact PersonTodoko Stephen (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 449 010 / 0779 203 098
Date Founded

P.O Box 518, Dokolo,Ojer Village, Apyen-Nyang Parish, Kwera Sub-County, Dokolo District, ,

Apyen-nyang Child and Family Programme started in August, 1998 with the aim of addressing particular problems affecting our community. These included;

Contact PersonAchar James- Project Manager
Telephone0777 785 220

P.O Box 616,Arua,Plot 15, Okuti Lane,Arua Municipality,

The civil society organisations were caring out activities in an uncoordinated manner. ADINGON was formed to coordinate activities of members to strengthen their effectiveness in policy advocacy and lobbing; networking and capacity enhancement.We exist to provide a collective voice for civil society to promote good governance in the district.We began with capacity building to the member organisations and working on policy research and advocacy. The active membership has grown up to 68. There is effective collaboration with MAYANK, Anti Corruption Coalition and DENIVA. Current programmes

Contact PersonAcadribo Henry (Coordinator)
Telephone0783 310 866/ 0772 863 305
Date Founded

Kigimbi, nyanga ward, K.I.T.C, , , P.O BOX 17

With the initial objectives to create unity for development, add value to farm products, get market for bi-products and instigate a saving culture coupled with credit facilities, Bamanya.A.Moses and Muhwezi Ben started the organisation for development purposes. The main focus areas included value addition, marketing plus piggery training.The very first activities we carried out included saving and credit facilities, piggery farming, apiary farming and tree/fruit and vegetable farming.We set out with about 5 million shillings but as of now we have approximately 8 million shillings in cash and about 3 million shillings in kind which totals to about 13 million shillings. Our customer base has also enlarged.The registered changes have enabled us start a hotel and bar for pork at Kabwohe town ...

Contact PersonBamanya Al- cortez Moses (Director)
Telephone0700 683 582 / 0782 446 456 / 0772 634 123
Date Founded

P.O Box 29582 ,Kampala,Plot 22/24 Semawata Rd. Ntinda,

Formerly Basic Needs U.K In Uganda, BNFU is building on seven years of experience in the vast field of mental health. BNFU vision is to see the quality of life of people with lived experience of mental ill health improved. The vision wishes to capture a much broader group of people having realized that care givers (family members) bear the burden alongside people with mentally ill health. Our mission on the other hand is to ensure that Ugandans with lived experience of mental ill health are engaged in the governance and management of economic, political, social development programs. We have found that once people receive treatment, they often need help getting integrated back into society. This integration can be achieved by closer collaboration with communities and better coordination wit ...

Contact PersonTina Angela Ntulo (CEO)
Telephone0312 024 01/2

P.O Box 329, Kasese,Saluti Cell, Nyamwamba Division, Kasese Municipal Council,

Basu Bandu Rural Development Association (BRUDA) is a community based organization.The organization is registered both with NGO

Contact PersonBwambale Zakayo Syahungene (Coordinator)
Telephone0774 419 699

P.O. Box 14, Pallisa,Awokei Village, Boliso Parish, Puti-Puti Sub-county, Pallisa District,

Best Village Organisation (BEVIOR) is a non partisan organisation operating in Pallisa district. The name Best Village was agreed upon as the vision to make our village the best one in the subcounty, district and the nation of Uganda by improving the livelihood of its people by 2020. Best Village is situated in Awokei Village, Boliso Parish, Puti-Puti Sub-county, Pallisa District. Awokei Village was one of the villages whose people were below the poverty line.Our major activities include;

Contact PersonKirya Badru (Director)
Telephone0772 930 134

Nakawunzo village, Nsinze Sub County,, , , P. o. Box 103

When Evangelist Christopher Besweri Kaswabuli started this organisation, his vision was to have a strong, healthy, productive, motivated and self sustaining community.He hoped to sustainably improve the well being of vulnerable people (adults and children) through provision of supportive services in health, education, HIV- AIDS awareness / prevention.Some of the first activities engaged in included health, education, vocational education and sustainable agriculture. Through the years, BIDA secretariat capacity has grown and our services have expanded to greater parts of the community. We currently operate various programmes that include PMTCT, T.B screening and treatment, maternity care, immunization, HIV/AIDS related infections treatment, family planning, laboratory services, nutrition, ...

Contact PersonTenywa Edward (Director)
Telephone0772 853 323 / 0704 569 275
Date Founded

P.O Box 340471 Kampala,Head office; Annex B Building Bulange Mengo,

Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation (BUCADEF) was established by the Buganda Kingdom after recognition that Buganda was endowed with many untapped human and material resource and these could be harnessed for the betterment of the community. Vision A dignified quality of life for the people in BugandaMission Promote and foster the social and economic advancement of all people of Buganda using culture blended with modern management styles to cause sustainable developmentObjectives

Contact PersonKabonge Charles (Ag. Chief Executive Officer)
Telephone0414 271 870

P.O Box 235 Bushenyi, ,

Buhweju Real Development Organisation (BUREDO) is a non political and non-profit organisation operating in Buhweju District. Buhweju used to be covered by thick and ever green forests, more especially in the sub-counties of Burere and Bihanga bordering Kaswoha-Kitomi Forest Reserve. Buhweju County used to be rich in both fauna and flora. It was intact with no disruption. The equatorial vegetation covered the area and a variety of animals ranging from big elephants to small insects.Population increase, deforestation, poor land use, lack of knowledge and skills in modern agricultural practices like agro-forestry, lack of capital for alternative investments, cultural beliefs have led to land degradation.The major economic activity of Buhweju is agriculture especially tea growing which has d ...

Contact PersonFred Nkuruho Tumwine (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 409 075 / 0783 386 605

Budhatemwa, Bukonte, Nsinze Sub County, ,

The fellowship was started by Church of Uganda to help the community understand God; improve sanitation and Child care in homes. The fellowship started with evangelism in the community and supporting the vulnerable groups of people like elderly. We have seen the people grow spiritually, moral uprightness improved, and there is a reduction in domestic violence. We also started offering counselling sessions which are on-going.Today, on top of the above mentioned services, we also hold community outreach seminars on income generation (farming) and also house a NAADS farming project.The organisation has been able to partner with the Namutumba District NGO Forum and the district health office.However, our delivery some activities such as care and treatment, transport for the peer educators, pro ...

Contact PersonJohn Azalwa (Chairperson)
Telephone0772 301 766
Date Founded