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City: Mbale

P.O Box 611, Mbale,Bukitongo Village, Butemulani Parish, Bumwoni Sub-county,

The organization was started by Joseph Weyusya; a member of the local community. It was as a result of a number of challenges in the local community that needed to be addressed such as child motherhood, HIV/AIDs prevalence, poverty, school drop outs, and rape cases among others. By starting the organization, he hoped to empower the girl child through restoration of hope by provision of education and a meaningful life. The organization also hoped to sensitize the community on HIV/AIDs.The first activity was restoration of hope in child mothers. This involved counseling the clients as well as their parents to ensure that they were taken back to school. ARDI also carried out sensitization on HIV/AIDs through awareness and encouraging the local population to test and know their status. A small ...

Contact PersonWeyusya Joseph (Director)
Telephone0752 624 533
Date Founded

P.O.Box 611, Mbale, Namikhoma Trading Center, Bukitongo Village, Butemulani Parish,

African Rural Development Initiatives (ARDI) was established as a result of community concerns about the situation around them, ranging from; early marriages / pregnancies, among school children resulting into school dropouts, HIV/AIDS pandemic, poor child-parent relationships, poor maternal health, household poverty, illiteracy only to mention but a few.CollaborationARDI has worked with various organizations and donor Agencies which include Aids Care Education Training (ACET)-Mbale, Work-Aid-UK, Cord aid, Foundation for Development of Needy Communities (F.D.N.C), Action Aid Uganda, CARE and Manafwa District Local Government. Currently, it is in partnership with Adopteer een geit-the Netherlands.Vision A rural community of physically, psychologically and morally competent persons. Mission ...

Contact PersonWeyusya Joseph (Project Director)
Telephone0752 624 533

P.O. Box 1142 Mbale,Nanyere Church of Uganda ,Bushika Road, Bududa District, ,

Bududa Child Development Centre has been in existence since November 1997. It is located in a village setting, in a moderately populated community beneath Mount Elgon. Most houses there are built out of earth and wattle, with poor sanitation. Education standards are low, with high rates of illiteracy, school drop-outs, early pregnancy and motherhood, and high prevalence of malaria and HIV/AIDS amongst caregivers and children. The Centre exists to nurture the children in the community spiritually, physically, economically and socio-emotionally, enabling them to become responsible, Christian adults. It aims at holistic child development in the community. We recognise the holistic nature of children and we seek to naturally integrate this ministry in the same way that it is integrated in a ...

Contact PersonBeatrice Kunikina (Project Director)
Telephone0717 928 804 / 0772 862 553

Plot 7 Koche Road, Namakwekwe Estates, Northern Division, Mbale District. P.O.Box 2335 Mbale, , , 256

BUCINET was formed as a result of the need to create a platform through which civil society organisations operating in Bugisu sub-region could contribute to public policy through advocacy, networking, and partnership and information exchange for sustainable development.This was as a result of domestic violence, human rights violation, conflicts and the flow of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Teso, Karamoja fugitive of those wars. At that time, many IDPs came to Bugisu to take refugee. As a result, there was too much pressure on resources as everybody fought for a share. This created tension among indigenous people around. Therefore the network was formed to act as a consortium where all CSOs in Bugisu could work together to address this challenge. BUCINET was formed by individuals ...

Contact PersonMugalya Aggrey (Coordinator)
Telephone0454 43397 / 0782 156 517

P.O Box 2562 Mbale ,Plot 59, Malukhu Da Head Quarters, Mbale,

Mbale NGO Forum was established to be a collective voice for civil societies working on strategic poverty eradication policy issues. The forum has adopted a rights and empowerment approach to develop and achieve long term and sustainable benefits for the poor. Despite the limits faced, the forum has tried to be very realistic and focused and placed greater emphasis on collaboration instead of giving. Mbale NGO Forum was established as a branch of the Uganda National NGO Forum under the leadership of seven executive members. This committee worked tirelessly where during the National Annual General Meeting in 2003 and it was declared the best performer in the whole country, was given a meritorious award and a computer set for the recognition.The branch started with two member NGOs of Ugand ...

Contact PersonAidah Wetungu ( Coordinator)
Telephone0772 626 714, 0779 379 380

P.O Box 595 Mbale,5 Miles Mbale-Tororo Highway near Bungokho sub-county,

Founded in 1982 to care for the neediest in the community, Bushikori Christian Centre (BCC) has been empowering the vulnerable and disadvantaged in rural communities near Mbale for the last twenty-eight years. The late Rev. Sam Wandendeya (R.I.P) began the organization by initially offering sponsorship and support to children orphaned as a result of the Idi Amin regime. BCC has since become an integral part of the fabric of the community, and has since grown in the number of children that it sponsors and the services that it provides. Currently, the centre consists of a health clinic, child sponsor program, primary school, and a community library. Through the commitment of the staff in these various departments, BCC has been able to carry out important activities that has enabled communi ...

Contact PersonAnne Wandendeya (Director )
Telephone0782 356 461 / 0782 605 356

Plot M2 and 37 Pallisa Road,Mbale P.O.Box 1254 Mbale, , , 256

Christian Childcare Programme (CCP) was founded by some Ugandan and Europeans in response to the adverse effects of the Idi Amin regime, the war and famine that followed. The focus is on orphans, vulnerable children and unskilled youths.CCP envisions a Uganda of confident, responsible self reliant and God fearing citizens. To achieve this it cares for, develops and trains beneficiary children and youth to become confident, compassionate, responsible, committed, self reliant and God-fearing people.Through paying school fees, home and school visits, annual camps, vocational training in various courses, medical treatment , guiding parents and guardians in food security, primary healthcare, environmental care, positive parenting and valuing vocational skills, all the beneficiaries that have go ...

Contact PersonJames Kidulu (Executive Director)
Telephone0454 33299 / 0712 618 995

P.O Box 2291, Mbale,Phelan Road Bukedea District, ,

Apoolo Na Angor (

Contact PersonMoses Aisia (Founder, Executive Director)
Telephone0753 261 855 / 0772 663 223

P.o Box 160,Mbale,Manafwa District headquarters,C.D.O's Office, ,

Manafwa Civil Society Network (MACINET) is located in the Eastern Uganda bordering the Republic of Kenya on the East, Bududa District in the North, Mbale to the West and Tororo in the Southwest. Population/DemographyAbout 98% of the population lives in the rural areas. There are a few trading centers where the remaining 2% tend to live while practicing small scale trade. Females are the majority up to 51%. The social/economic status of the population is steadily developing. Agriculture is the major economic activity which includes livestock and subsistence farming. Education has been a priority for mainly boys i.e. 60% boys and 40% girls. Water and sanitation is generally poor where safe water covers only 40% of the area.Our only source of funding is through membership contributions. Vis ...

Contact PersonWalera John Wasyu (Cordinator)
Telephone0782 800 685

Plot 15-17 Bishop Wasikye Road, , , 256

CRO's Mission is to rebuild the lives of children formally living on the streets, restore and reconcile them with God, re-integrate them with their families and empower them as well as their families to become productive and self-reliant. CRO is supporting street children and their families. Street life means a daily struggle for survival. Children experience assault, drug abuse, diseases, hunger, exploitation through child labor, physical and emotional abuse.There are part time and full time street children who are the direct beneficiaries of CRO. Other children in the community and schools are indirect beneficiaries through the peer education activities and outreach programs. There are many street children of great talents (music, sports, dance) which we try to develop. The program w ...

Contact PersonChristine Kamiti

P.o Box 931,Mbale,Kanikwa Village,Nkoma Parish,Namanyonyi Sub-county, ,

Kanika Peasant and Orphanage Project (K.P.O.P) is a community based organisation which was formed in 2001 with only nine founder members and registered in 2002 under community development office in Mbale and NGO Board.The organization is operating in Kanika Village in Nkoma Parish in Namanyonyi sub-county in Bunghokho County in Mbale. It is managed with three part time paid staff and a total of 80 fully registered members. VisionTo provide a platform where the community contributes to the well being of orphans and vulnerable children and their households ObjectiveTo deliver integrated quality essential; services to orphans and vulnerable children and their households in Namanyonyi by 2013 Its major objectives are;

Contact PersonNgoloba Silver (Cordiantor)/Nandudu Jamila(Chairperson)
Telephone0751 593 440 / 0776 593 440 / 0757 459 076

P.O Box 1254, , , 256

Christian Childcare Programme (CCP) started in 1984, is a Christian, Child focused organisation offering the available support not only to Christian children but to any deserving and accessible vulnerable child in Uganda. We focus on Youths for Vocational skills training, general community development and farming. We are inter-denominational, not working under any one particular denomination. Independent, and non-cultic. It is a policy of CCP not to establish an orphanage, but rather benefit from the rich Uganda culture of relatives and extended family, and have each sponsored child attached to a guardian (normally next of kin) to work with the organisation as co-parents to nurture and develop the child. This policy ensures among other things that the child helped by CCP grows in thei ...

Physical AddressPLOT M2 & 37, PALLISA ROAD, MBALE TOWN
Telephone0712 618 995 / 0787 266 373 / 0704 712 488

P.o Box 1160,Mbale,Buwabwala Sub-county Head quaters, ,

Namisindwa Rural development Initiative

Contact PersonKhisa Sam Khabusi (Secretary)
Telephone0782 800 685 / 0785 170 415

P.O Box 2091, Mbale,Mission Road, Mataya Village, Bushunya Parish, Nakatsi ,Bududa,

A group of 13 farmers formed the Shuniya Yetana as a local group after realising that poverty and low crop yields caused were by loss of soil fertility from soil erosion. They hoped to improve land management and get increased crop yield and house hold incomes.Their first activities were to help each other in farming while carrying out a weekly rotation and pooling of funds together as the main source of income.The group then moved on and registered under non government organisation statute 1989 and improved on the name to be Shuniya Yetana community based organisation. This led to collaboration with government, national and international NGOs in legal partnerships.Current programmes undertaken are;

Contact PersonMicheal Wantsusi (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 573 791 / 0774 139 445
Date Founded

Nkokonjeru Cell, Plot 51-60 DC Block Suite 27 Republic Street, Mbale, , , P.O. Box 1786 Mbale

Babuka Development Trust Uganda (BUDETU) is a voluntary charitable Non-profit making, grassroots Development oriented and duly registered Non Governmental Organisation operational in the Republic of Uganda. Historical Background: BUDETU was initiated in Bumusayi Village, Bubutu Sub County in Manafwa District by a group of local youth mainly of OVC origin to improve on their status and livelihood using the local resources. The organization was initiated with guidance from elders and guardians in 2008 but got a statutory recognition early in 2011.The organisation begun with a simple membership of 16 youths and 2 elders but currently has about 24 membership and 112 men and women beneficiaries.   BUDETU activities are consolidated by management pillars of the General Assembly, The Registere ...

Contact PersonWakimwai Benedictus Anthony (Chairperson)
Telephone0788 580 332
Fax+256 454 434 461
Date Founded

P.O Box 1820, Mbale,Bulambuli District Highway,

This organization was started by a team of concerned citizens who saw the outcry of HIV/AIDs in the country; people living with HIV/AIDS were isolated and feared by the rest of the people. Having been sensitized by Uganda Women Concern Ministry, the concerned community members started Muyembe Community Mobilization Team.Persons Living with HIV/AIDS thought that they were cursed and abandoned by the community, but through guidance and counseling, very many people affected/infected have tested and registered living as HIV/AIDs positive. They are cared for and not isolated because of the sensitization of the public/communities through seminars, churches, written articles and over the radios. Unity and togetherness have been improved upon. Therefore they have been catered for through being giv ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonGudoi Zipporah (Chairperson)
Telephone0772 913 513
Date Founded
Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network

Bufumbo Road, Olive House Plot 14, Mbale Municipality, P O Box 295 Mbale., , , 256

EADEN is a network of Caritas organizations, We cover the Dioceses of Jinja, Tororo, Soroti, Kotido and Moroto. The Network was established to coordinate development initiatives in the Province and link network members and partners locally, nationally and internationally. Through the Caritas Archdiocesan commissions, we cover 39 Districts in Eastern Uganda.

Contact PersonRobert Wafula
Telephone+256 454431191
Elgon Youth Development Centre

PO Box 674 mbale, uganda, , , 256

Elgon Youth Development Centre with it's core Music and Arts Projects, is registered community based organization located in Mbale District, Eastern Uganda, the project started in 2009 as a result of the appalling poverty situation in the community that had led to a rise in crime rates, street children, early pregnancies and early marriages leave alone dropping out of school by many children and youth. Lack of employment, death or separation of parents, lack of school fees and other scholastic materials, drug and forms of child abuse have been responsible for the increased number of unemployed and street children. EYDC discovered that providing the affected and vulnerable children and youth with a means of survival and keeping them busy can help in reducing the impact of this situation ...

Contact PersonKyewalyanga Fredrick

Po Box 1255, , , 00256

The Eastern Home Foundation Uganda is located in Eastern Uganda near the western boarder of kenya in East Africa. The philosophy and experience of The Eastern Home Foundation Uganda is based on the reality, that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another. Our work areas are livelihood, promotion HIV/AIDS Prevention, combat trafficking , reproductive health care, youth, women and children development, and promoting the rights of religious minorities through education and training. Mission: We work and help the deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children, youth and women and to provide them with livelihood opportunities ...

Contact PersonIsaac Byenkya
Telephone+256 782650325
Fax+256 454435940